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Investments are essential element of every business proper functioning – it is justified statement especially in electronic branch. Fast technological changes, necessity to cope with high standards, it is everyday life for every company. Obtaining modern equipment without necessity of employing financial resources enables leasing.

We have wide experience in leasing of electronic equipment

  • We free your company from time-consuming formalities, providing active help and very short realisation times
  • We concentrate on financial help for our clients – low costs of leasing services
  • We enable simple and fast conclusion of an agreement and getting fixed assets
  • We do not inspect credit rating – from leasing can also benefit companies starting their business activities and even companies with faltering credit rating
  • We do not request additional securities 

For whom leasing is the best solution?

  • For fast growing companies with need of simple and beneficial financing of investment
  • For companies, which wants to expenditures enter into costs of current business activity
  • For companies, which wants to put fast into effect their projects requiring investment and do not have time for complicated credit procedures
  • For companies with instable credit rating

For companies with instable credit rating

  • Leasing is not lowering credit capabilities of your company – freeway to take turnover credits
  • In case of leasing we calculate whole leasing instalment, when credit, only credit’s interest

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