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Antistatic flooring

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Antistatic flooring Colorex SD/EC/Plus | Nr kat: RE-COLOREX-SD-EC-P
Product name:Antistatic flooring Colorex SD/EC/Plus
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The floor is usually the most intensively used element of every facility but it is often overlooked in the considerations concerning the ESD safety. 
Therefore, important is already at the stage of investment to predict installation of good flooring product. Product, that will not caused any downtime and proves to be trouble free not only during warranty period but in much longer period.
We offer two versions of COLOREX antistatic floors (dissipative):  COLOREX PLUS and COLOREX SD/EC.

Podłogi antystatyczne Colorex Plus

Colorex Plus is a homogeneous PVC tile flooring, that can be installed on almost any kind of floor base, notwithstanding degree of its preparation, enabling quick adaptation of facility to the EPA requirements.

Colorex Plus is availablein three installed tile versions, depending on destination. Tiles can be connected together and heat welded to obtain hygienic surface.
Colorex Plus provides possibility of installation during work and to move it to anather facility.
Podłogi antystatyczne Colorex SD/EC

COLOREX SD/EC series floring is a product ensuring ESD safety with lifetime warranty on current conductivity parameters and dissipation of electrostatic charges.

COLOREX SD/EC is permanently glued to the substrate. Designed for areas very intensively used by forklifts as an alternative for epoxy coverings (which mechanical resistance and durability leaves much to be desired). Dedicated for industrial flooring.

  • The only product whose ESD protection parameters dose not depend on temperature and ambient humidity
  • Can be installed on damaged and/or wet substrate
  • Resistant to forklift traffic to 5t (or more - depending on the substrate)
  • Lifetime warranty on current conductivity and/or dissipation of electrostatic charges
  • Full maintainability of losses and damages
  • Low content of plasticizers
  • Possibility to extand the standard warranty from 5 to 10 years
  • Easy to keep clean and hygiene
  • High chemical resistance
  • No additional varnish coat
  • Demountable - change of production place (Colorex Plus)
Some places where COLOREX SD/EC/Plus can be used:
  • New production facilities (electronics)
  • Cleanrooms of very high purity class
  • Electronic components storages
  • Laboratories
  • Server Rooms
  • Switchboards
  • Shipbuilding industry
Sample applications
Antistatic flooring Colorex SD/EC/Plus Antistatic flooring Colorex SD/EC/Plus Antistatic flooring Colorex SD/EC/Plus Antistatic flooring Colorex SD/EC/Plus
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